Did you know that the popularity of the shrinky dinks goes as far as the 1970s? The shrinky dinks are incredibly trendy among crafty adults and kids. They allow users to create the most incredible artwork. You can shrink a dink to make an artwork yourself from the comfort of your home. If you want to learn more about them, you are at the right place. In this article, we have answers to the most frequently asked questions about shrinky dinks.

Commonly asked questions about the shrinky dinks

Are you venturing into arts, or do you want your children to improve their art knowledge? Consider the shrinky dinks, and everyone will love them. But before you do that, we have answers to some of the questions lingering in your mind at this point.

What are shrinky dinks?

Shrinky dinks are polystyrene sheets that people use to create artwork. The plastic sheets are very flexible. Also, when you place them in an oven, they tend to shrink but retain their color and shape. The shrinky dinks artwork can act as excellent gag gifts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or birthdays.

What is the best tool to use when making shrinky dinks?

Not all colors can bring out the perfect artwork. The best tool to use is colored sharpies. The sharpies do not wipe off easily. However, some washable markers are easy to wipe off. Colored pencils and acrylic paints are also ideal. If you want to use colored pencils, ensure to select the frosted shrinky dink paper for optimal results.

Can one make the shrinky dink at home?

In the market, there are ready-made shrinky dinks that you can buy. However, you can also choose to make the shrinky dink. The first step you will need to do before making the shrinky dink is to have all the equipment ready. You will need shrinky dink paper, colored sharpies, an oven, scissors, and a hole punch.

How many types of shrinky dinks paper exist?

The shrinky dinks papers allow one to choose the type of paper they like best. There are four main types: frosted, cream, clear, and white. Each type of paper works best with a different color tool. For instance, clear, cream, and white are perfect for markers. However, colored pencils are not ideal for them. One can use colored pencils or sharpies on the frosted paper. Also, the white paper is perfect for making shapes.

Are shrinky dinks expensive?

Shrinky dinks are one of the most convenient gifts you can offer anyone. You can find them at very affordable prices in places like Alibaba. Some even go as far as less than a dollar. One of the best things about buying the ready-made shrinky dinks is that you can buy whatever shape you want.


The shrinky dinks offer children an excellent time to be as creative as possible. It ensures that they can grow their artwork skills. Apart from the papers, you can buy shrinky art as a gift for your loved ones. The affordability of the shrinky dinks ensures that they are very available and convenient.


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