For many years, lanterns have been used both as lighting solutions and home decorations. They offer portable lighting that can be placed anywhere it is required. However, with the introduction of electricity, most of its practical uses were done away with. Nowadays, gold lanterns are making a comeback for both lighting and decorative needs. If you are planning to add a touch of mood lighting and classic elegance, you can get lanterns of different types and designs to match your needs.

Lantern Types

With technological changes in manufacturing, there are many lantern designs and styles you can choose from. This means you can get a lantern that best suits your décor. It does not matter whether you want to achieve a modern décor or a traditional, rustic style. It is not a must for you to use these lanterns for lighting. Instead, you can use them to display items.


You can find lanterns made of wood. There are others made of metal, such as wrought iron, brass, or brushed nickel. There are some made of plastic that is made to look like metal. Each material has its quality and character. It is difficult to determine the right material for you. It is advisable to consider the design and color that matches your home accessories, such as marble floor, hardware, furniture, and ceiling. When it comes to decoration, you want to ensure everything blends and matches easily.


You can find gold lanterns available in different sizes ranging from large to mini. Make sure you choose the size of the lantern that is proportionate to the available space. Most oversized decorative lanterns can have a size of up to 30 inches tall, whereas tabletop lanterns are only 5 inches tall. If you are buying online, it can be difficult to know how large a lantern is by just looking at the pictures. Make sure you read the product description to know the exact size. Remember you want the room to accommodate your lantern without making it look awkward.

Outdoor or Indoor

You can use gold lanterns both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to indoor decoration, there are not many considerations to consider. However, with outdoor decoration, you must choose lanterns made of durable materials. Also, they should be shatterproof and water-resistant. This is to ensure they can withstand harsh weather elements. For outdoor decoration, you should avoid lanterns made of plastic. This is because plastic breaks down due to extended sun exposure.

Power Source

This is dependent on the lantern type. You can find gold lanterns that are powered by candles, AA batteries, solar-powered, or USB powdered. The most convenient power source is the built-in battery, which is charged by the USB cable. If you are looking for an energy-saving lantern, you should go for solar-powered options.


A gold lantern can take your home decoration to another level. When buying lanterns for decoration, you should determine whether they suit your indoor and outdoor decoration. Also, you should determine your budget, installation methods, and appropriate material. The size also matters depending on where to install them.


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