Admiration for marble’s elegance is only natural. The fabric’s intricate designs make any space feel more luxurious and stately marble wall panels. The high price tag is a huge drawback, though. The cost can be increased if you want to use marble throughout your bathroom or just for accents. What, then, is the most suitable alternative? Surfaces that look like marble (marble effect panels). It may be less expensive, but it lacks none of the benefits.

A Cheap Alternate

Marble is commonly associated with luxury and prestige. This, however, means that it is more expensive. In addition to its widespread acceptance, the extraction of marble and the yield of usable materials are relatively high compared to other approaches. Therefore, even the tiniest bathrooms would cost thousands to decorate. PVC marble impression panels, on the other hand, are incredibly cheap. Space- and cost-wise, this alternative works for various situations.

Marble Effects Can Be Subtle or Striking

Beautiful natural veins run throughout classic marble, but they are a permanent feature of the stone. PVC marble wall panels, on the other hand, might have veining that is either understated or striking. In this approach, you can get the desired look through a unified style.


Wall panels made from PVC are both high-quality and long-lasting. Once installed, they have a long life span and are usually guaranteed for at least some period. In contrast, marble is a relatively soft stone, making it more porous than many other organic materials. This makes it challenging to keep clean and can add hundreds to the annual expense of upkeep.


Since PVC panels are watertight, they are the best material to use in a bathroom. Unlike tiles, there is no grout to clean or mold to remove when using panels. It’s simple to set up. Whether you’re doing the bathroom remodel or hiring a professional, everyone appreciates a simple and fast solution, and marble appearance PVC panels fit the bill. The tongue and groove technique in producing many of the PVC panels sold by Igloo Surfaces allows for quick and simple assembly.

Incredibly Sanitary and Simple to Clean

PVC panels are low maintenance because of their flat surface. Cleaning is as simple as soaking a cloth in hot soapy water and wiping down any stubborn stains. A squeegee is recommended after each shower or bath to prevent mold and mildew growth caused by excess moisture in the bathroom. You must wipe down the panels to eliminate the excess water and then let them air dry. Meetings can be polished to a streak-free gloss by wiping them down with a microfiber cloth.

Repairs sloping walls Walls in bathrooms often have minor flaws. This is more of a problem in older houses than in newer ones. But any home can have bumpy walls occasionally. PVC panels with a marble impression can hide imperfections, creating a smooth and uniform appearance. Having a professional look at your bathroom walls is a good idea if there are significant problems. If there are only a few hiccups, you can quickly smooth things out and have beautiful panels in no time.


The classic beauty of marble never goes out of style. Subtle veins and delicate colors are at the top of the list for bathroom installations in 2022, and this is a significant trend for interiors overall. If thousands of dollars exceed your budget, marble-effect panels are a great replacement. If you want to give this room a luxurious feel but are curious if PVC wall panels will cut it, why not give them a try? For a closer look at the style and feel, order samples from us. Also, try it out to see how well it holds up. After deciding, you may place an online order for prompt shipment.


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