Metal table legs have entirely changed the concept of table designing and functionality. These legs are continuously replacing the traditional wood legs due to their sophisticated touch on the table interior.

Whether you are a woodworker trying to introduce innovation in your work or a homeowner who wants to décor your furniture interior, metal table legs are the instant solution to your ideas.

Why are Metal Legs Popular?

You might be wondering why the furniture designs are twisting toward the metal legs instead of using the matching legs; here are the reasons;

  • Customizable and bendable
  • Suits the modern-day style
  • Available in enormous designs
  • Durable and resistant to every environmental condition
  • Can use with any tabletop material

Metal Table Legs – Things to Consider before Purchase

Metal table legs seem easy, but it’s pretty intimidating to pick the right ones for your table. You might be wondering what’s there to consider in these simple legs other than their design. Well, the design of metal legs is your preference but other factors are compulsory and important.

Here is the list of things you should focus on while buying table legs!

• Type of Legs

Based on the commonly used designs, metal legs are available in different types;


X-frame legs give a striking and modern look and provide the table center of attraction for the viewers. If you want foldable legs, X-frame designs are the most appropriate for that where you can fold and even maintain the height of the table.


A-frame legs are similar to square shape but with secure tabletop attachments. These legs provide stability and can be used on any floor, from wood to marble.

Square Frame

Square frame legs are quite common in benches and tables as these legs provide a strong and stable base. Usually, the large tables like dining use these legs.

• Metal Type

The table legs metal comes up in different types; copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, etc. These metals vary in their finish look, hardness, and weight.

Steel and iron are extensively used in table legs. Both metals are pretty soft and can easily be shaped to make designs.

• Finishing Type

Metal finish is used to enhance the metal’s appearance and save them from rusting and corrosion problems. Different finishing is hammered brass, antique brass, satin stainless, paint, etc.

While choosing the table, check that finish type and what it looks like.

• Length

The length of the metal legs determines the height of the table. Usually, the tables are 14-42 inches high, but if you want to change the table height, you can customize your order.

• Width

The width of metal legs defines their durability and how much tabletop weight they can carry. Based on the design and requirements of table, metal legs ranges from 1 to 2.5 inches width.

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Whether you are buying an old table or renewing your old table, metal table legs are an excellent way to change the tale interior completely. Hopefully, this guide will solve all your confusion and question about these modern table legs.


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