Wooden floors are classy, lovely, and enduring and can last for decades with careful maintenance. The majority of timber varieties are pretty hardy and lasting. They will still require attention and defense against harm, though.

Following the tips below, caring for any wooden floor is straightforward. Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

How to Maintain Wood Tile Floor

Here are some instructions about protection of your wooden floor.

Wipe Spills Immediately

Keeping a wooden floor beautiful requires taking steps to prevent unintended damage. The most crucial things to keep in mind is cleaning up spills immediately. Your floor will initially be protected by the top coats of lacquer or oil, but if the liquid is allowed to permeate the wood, it can result in permanent harm.

Protect from Scratches and Dents

Protecting your flooring against dents and scratches is another technique to keep it in good condition. Although minor blemishes and marks are unavoidable, you can take steps to guard against more profound, more significant scratches.

Move Objects Instead of Drag.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep heavy things like furniture from scratching your floor. Never drag a heavy object across the floor; always pick it up and move it. Anti-scratch felt protector pads are an option.

How to Clean Wooden Floor

Your wooden floor may be easily cleaned. All you have to do is use a soft bristle brush to sweep the floor’s surface. It would help if you did this every day to get rid of any surface dust or debris that is little. You can also use a vacuum, but you must have the appropriate attachments for a wooden floor.

Dry clean

In particular, dust and filth are unavoidable in rooms. Simply clean with vacuum over the tiles will keep your wood effect tile flooring looking fabulous in this room with tile planks.

Deep clean

Your tile may require more cleaning in the bathrooms, foyers, and kitchen than in other parts of the house. Deep cleaning is simple if you use wood appearance Tile or any of our wood look tiles in high-volume areas. The first step is to keep your floors as spotless as possible by sweeping, vacuuming, and doing suggested spot cleanups.

Clean unfinished wooden floor

Unfinished wood floors are those that have a matte finish. They lack a lustrous exterior. It is primarily found in rustic bungalows and old-fashioned cottages. To clean unfinished wood floors, according to the instructions provided below.

  1. Initially, sweep the floors. Use a vacuum cleaner or a microfiber dust cloth to remove surface dirt.
  2. Treat the Stains with steel wool; apply a tiny amount of floor wax to the stained region of the wooden floors.
  3. Let them air dry.
  4. Allow the surface to thoroughly dry by air after the stains have been removed.


A basic understanding of making tile floors shine will enable you to create your own cost-effective cleaning method. To keep your floor tile surface shiny, select one of the solutions above or combine a few techniques. The plans are straightforward, and inexpensive materials are also readily available. Use commercial cleaners if you are unsure how to solve the problem. The best wooden tiles are available on Alibaba shopping store. You can buy Alibaba best wooden floor tiles.


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